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We are 4G Mobile Voice, Mobile Broadband and NBN specialists with the right products for your customers.

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Business Management Software

Our one-touch system allows you to order products, optimise CRM and bill your clients with ease.

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GPS Solutions

Step into the world of M2M and GPS technology and take advantage of incredible growth opportunities.

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Partnership Options

We offer choice and stability, mixed with exciting and innovative ideas to help maximise your business potential.

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Contact Centre Outsourcing Excellence

Utilise our Brisbane based, industry leading contact centre team to expertly guide your customers through every stage of their journey. 

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Direct Connect to 2SG POIS

2SG Wholesale via Optus, is connected to all POI’s across Australia. We are also direct connected to the NBN in Wollongong, Coffs Harbour and Mackay.

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2SG Wholesale

Support and Services

M2M and GPS 1
4G Mobiles 2
Billing 3
4G Broadband 4
NBN/Bundles 5
Mobile Voice Plans 6

M2M & GPS Tracking Technology

Open up a world of opportunities

With changes in government regulations, more and more businesses are requiring machine to machine (M2M) connected devices to improve business operations, save costs and maintain compliance. 2SG Wholesale is unique as a major wholesale supplier of M2M and GPS tracking technology.


2SG Wholesale SuperFast 4G Mobile Plans

Super Fast 4G mobile voice plans

Our range of super-fast 4G mobile plans include standard voice calls, international roaming (?), voicemail and SMS/MMS to cover all the needs of your customers at highly competitive prices.

Through the Optus network, 2SG Wholesale offers competitive wholesale plans with generous data and call inclusions, complete with B2B integrated ordering.

Download our Super-fast 4G Mobile Plans brochure

2SG Wholesale Billing

Easy to use one-touch software

As the world’s most beautiful piece of software, FABIO is our one-touch business management system. FABIO makes it easy to order products, bill customers and maintain high levels of customer service.

Your customers will love FABIO too with the ability to logon and view information about their account and update their information.

Get to know FABIO

2SG Wholesale 4G Mobile Broadband

Internet on-the-go

In this fast paced world we live in, high speed 4G mobile broadband is a must have for all Australians. You can offer your customers the mobile connectivity they need for a range of devices including tablets, laptops and USB WiFi modems.


2SG Wholesale Data and Voice Packages

Lightning fast internet with heaps of added value

2SG Wholesale has access to all 121 NBN POIs (points of interconnect) across Australia, making coverage issues a thing of the past. NBN plans are available as data only options or bundled with a voice package for added value.

We offer great alternatives for those in non-NBN areas too.

Check out our Data and Voice Packages brochure

2SG Wholesale Data and Voice Packages

In our range of mobile voice products, only the prices are pint-sized!

With 5 plans to choose from, month to month plans and a data both on option, 2SG Wholesale provides the products and services you can rely on.

Check out our 4G mobile voice plans brochure

Partner with 2SG Wholesale in Australia's Leading Growth Industry

Information Media and Telecommunications is Australia’s leading growth industry and this is your opportunity to move your business forward in leaps and bounds.

When you partner with 2SG Wholesale, your Account Manager will assist you every step of the way in growing your business. We will also lead the way with regular promotional activity, helping you find your unique point of difference to your competitors.

We offer you choice, flexibility and stability, mixed with exciting and innovative ideas to help maximise your business potential and profitability.

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