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Getting to know FABIO

Fabio Telco Suite

No, not that FABIO – we’re talking about 2SG Wholesale’s comprehensive business management software program that you can utilise as a whole solution to manage your entire business activities or slice and dice to suit your specific needs.

Specifically we’ll be talking about the amazing billing software within FABIO, which offers complete billing services to your end customer by email or post.

FABIO’s billing software has been designed and custom built specifically for our retail partners, to make business operations easier than ever before and improve cost efficiencies. Offering a one touch ordering, customer management, correspondence and retail billing platform all in one easy to use software package.

Within it you can manage customers and bill multiple brands from one platform, order products, add credits and debits, add other non-telco items to bills and easily set up your own rate plans.

FABIO also offers multiple automated payment gateways for your customers including Webpay, BPAY, Phonepay, direct debit and credit card payments.

Other great features of FABIO include:
•    Online ordering platform
•    Customer management software
•    Customer portal
•    Collections management software
•    Customer correspondence program
•    Reporting Module

We’re very proud of FABIO and delighted to share it with you to help you get the most out of your business. To find out more about what FABIO can do for you call us on 1300 009 970.

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