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Having NBN issues? It’s like history repeating itself


Remember when we were all tearing our hair out over the Telco Deregulation in the 1990’s? Seems like a distant memory doesn’t it. Believe it or not, the current issues we’re all having with the NBN will be like that soon too.

Yes, it’s all a bit cumbersome and yes there have been many teething issues but things are definitely improving…

  • Complaints are reducing
  • Networks are being upgraded
  • Ordering and delivery process is improving and more efficient
  • Less faults and speed related issues

In general, the good news is we’re through the worst of the teething issues and things are definitely looking up! Bring on Superfast Internet for all Australians!

If you would like to chat to us more about the NBN and any issues you’re experiencing, call us on 1300 009 970.

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