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The Netflix effect on Australian data usage

Netflix Effect

Just a few months after its arrival in Australia, media streaming company Netflix is already causing quite a stir, with some telcos experiencing overloading on their networks like never before.

Australian viewers are embracing the service more quickly than almost anyone expected, including Netflix itself, with some claiming it’s leading to slower, congested internet speeds during peak periods.

Unfortunately, it appears the Australian infrastructure isn’t designed for this kind of usage. That’s why when we all log in at once, we can experience broadband congestion: everything slows down as the ISPs’ servers try to sort out which requests go where.

You may experience some kind of quality slowdown during peak times, usually between 7-11pm on a weeknight and 9-11pm on weekends. This happens as everyone settles down in front of their favourite devices. Maybe they’re streaming a movie on the big TV, browsing eBay on the tablet, and scrolling through Facebook on their smartphone – it all adds up.

Streaming Netflix to your home will use at least 300MB per hour at the lowest quality, while standard definition quality will use 700MB per hour, HD will use up to 3GB per hour, and ultra HD will use a whopping 7GB per hour.

Netflix doesn’t rank Australia’s internet speeds very highly. In April it released its ISP Speed Index which ranked Australia 18th out of 29 countries. New Zealand came in 14th spot.

It appears that Netflix and other streaming services could fundamentally change the way we all view our favourite shows and we need to make sure we stay on top of these new developments.

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