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GPS Solutions

Open up a world of opportunities

M2M & GPS Tracking TechnologyVehicle and personal tracking using GPS technology plays a vital role in many industries but particularly within transport, security and health.

Workplace Health and Safety has become a major focus in recent years, making it more important for business owners and operators to have a clear view of exactly what is happening with staff and assets out in the field. This is quickly and easily achieved by adopting GPS tracking into the business to monitor location, status and a wide range of other attributes.

Additionally, more and more businesses are seeking out GPS tracking capabilities for their vehicle fleets and assets to improve their business operations, save costs and maintain compliance.

2SG Wholesale is a major wholesale supplier of leading-edge GPS and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) tracking technology and hardware. Our products are second to none and will put you ahead of the pack in this exciting growth industry.

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