Open up a world of opportunities

With changes in government regulations, more and more businesses are requiring machine to machine (M2M) connected devices to improve business operations, save costs and maintain compliance. 2SG Wholesale is unique as a major wholesale supplier of M2M and GPS tracking technology.

‘The World is becoming more connected’

The potential of M2M is limitless with thousand of new devices being connected every day with applications as diverse as vehicles, logistics, healthcare, security and retail.

With over 97.7% of Australia’s population connected and technology solutions ranging from cellular to low cost radio frequency, find out why more and more customers are helping drive a connected world.

Any size, many possibilities

Explore new opportunities

Diversify your revenue

Why Choose 2SG?

Integrated products

At 2SG Wholesale, we provide the latest in integrated solutions. We match the latest in hardware products from industry leading brands with the connectivity and software to support them – so you don’t have to. If you want to offer the latest solution to your customers and help them migrate to next-generation technology – we’re here to help.

Latest technology

Our customers have access to the latest in hardware and connectivity solutions from the world’s leading brands. While we continue to invest in our network our integration with the country’s premier communications carriers allows us to deliver the latest fixed line, mobile connectivity and hardware solutions country-wide.

‘Give A Damn’ Service

For us customer service isn’t about a fake smile and lip service. We believe in being there when it counts, treating your business like our own and when called upon, doing what it takes to get you a result. You want to focus on growth – leave the operations to us.